Justice and Conflict – remembering Janus Korczak and his children as part of Holocaust Memorial Day

Janus Korczak is an adopted name to avoid anti-semitic descrimination in Poland before WW2. He was a doctor, specialising in children, and worked with orphans, assisting in summer camps and then having built an orphanage in Warsaw. He developed the orphanage into a community based on children’s rights and participation. He wrote children’s books, did weekly radio broadcasts, and represented children in criminal courts. He won a national Polish medal for his work. The Nazis moved his orphanage into the Ghetto and then, eventually transported him and the children to the death camp at Treblinka.

His work and writings reflects the values of New Ideals in Education, sharing their inspirations and goals. He said ‘In 50 years every school’ will have a children’s court and school council.

On 26th January 2017 George Green’s School students lead a day of workshops exploring justice using Korczak’s life and work; and comparing it with the modern day meetings of A.S.Neill’s Summerhill School.

These downloadable materials are here for you to use to repeat the workshops or adapt them to your own children and events. By remembering Korczak and his children we are creating a cultural awareness that will empower children to build on their work.

A downloadable mini-exhibition on Korczak focusing on his work with the orphanage and the Holocaust.

The instruction guide to running the day in the Town Hall, with timings, resources and scripts.

Powerpoint, with notes, used for the Town Hall day.

A downloadable resource introducing Korczak and his children’s court.

Programme of the Conference at the Town Hall.

Flyer for the Holocaust Memorial Day Conference.

We encourage you to use the materials, and to contact us for further help or advice.


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