Training Sessions

New Ideals in Education offers training for primary and secondary school teachers and their students in all aspects of active global citizenship.

This can be provided through sessions with school councils, classes or groups of student activists, alongside their link or citizenship/PSHE teachers.

A core peer training group could be created, who will then be trained to train others.

If requested we can train a team of students from a local secondary school to facilitate the workshops with your primary school students.

Sessions are offered within your school, or at a relevant cultural or historic venue, that will also contribute to the training, helping your school to build-up its work with local partner institutions.

Sessions can be an hour, or a lesson long, or half a day, or a full day, and can be delivered over several weeks, if a specific long term outcome is required.

Training is also offered regularly through multi-school mini conferences during the year, see the ‘Training Conferences’ page. You could use this to see the quality and style of our provision before booking us for other training.

They will be tailor made according to the needs of the children, the support staff, and the school, and can be embedded in ongoing or newly starting school projects, including the ongoing development of your school council, conflict mentors, fairtrade group, anti-bullying project, enterprise projects, citizenship learning.

Training can be in restorative justice; democratic decision making; setting-up and running a fairtrade business or a co-operative; changing your community through co-operative enterprise; creating a school council constitution and policies; exploring who I am and welcoming new British Citizens at their Citizenship ceremony; how does local democracy work and how can my school take part; art as a way of expressing who you are; what makes a community; designing a school; designing a school playground; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and how it works; Human Rights and how the UN protects them; How can we save the planet; How does the government work; making toys from recycled objects; how to be a research journalist; how to run a student newspaper…

All training will be supported with copies of the training resources and handbooks for your school to develop and sustain their own project.

The training is all based on work developed over seven years with thirty local primary schools and twelve secondary schools, and partner organisations including the Jewish Museum, Tower Hamlets City Learning Centre, Tower Hamlets Co-operative Development Agency, Healthy Schools, Uganda Co-operative Alliance, Tower Hamlets Council and School Library Service, and East of England Co-op.

Our training and resources have been featured on Fairtrade Foundation Schools DVD, and on Teacher’s TV.